Imagine that you are targeting that reader who has already been through many sites in a day and has suddenly landed on yours without much interest. You can also image another person browsing for a different content but lands on your website. What would attract their attention to your site? The answer is definitely a good visual design. The question is what would give you an A visual that would attract new views before any content does? There are a number of practical things that people know of but often forget in practice. We will go back to the basics that will make your website score an A in the eyes of a stranger.

An audience just like every customer values a product because of the person who sells it. The person visiting your site should be able to feel a brand presence. It will be like an introductory greeting at the door and if it makes him or her feel comfortable and in the hands of a legit business, you will have already started scoring. The logo of your business should also be well positioned and proudly place to further strengthen the confidence of the visitor on the brand.

When it comes to , think aesthetics and functionality. Visualize it before it actually comes out and stick to the image of success all the way through. The simplest layout should be your top priority because it will ease the user?s navigation through the site. Every part of your website should be compelling and as much as possible, it should be able to tell a story.

When thinking about the theme you should also think simple. You can have in mind how it complements with the content in your website. You can choose content width that suits your needs. You may prefer more traditional design of boxed content width which may provide you with creative options. You can also prefer a more relaxed full width content. Full width makes your visitor to have a feeling of a contemporary creative website while the boxed width feels more traditional and more businesslike. The choice is yours to make.

Make good use of white space whichever the theme and layout you select. White space ease the feeling of too much clutter in a web page. As white as they are, they are very important in making a person to see the content that they would like to see more quickly and preferably the ones you would like their eyes to land on. White space if well used in itself is an attraction that can make a reader to take a minute.