These are shops or businesses that loan money to people who bring in valuable items which they leave with the pawn broker.  Also is a store which offers loans in exchange for personal property as equivalent collateral. The person can get their valuable item back from the pawnbroker if they pay back the money they were loaned and pay interest on the loan. If the loan is not repaid (with interest), the borrower s collateral will be liquidated to recoup any losses incurred by default. Pawn shops go back in history way back in the 5th century with the earliest pawnbrokers being Buddhist monasteries. It is through the Roman Empire that the popularity of the pawn industry has spread to where it is today. Today most of the rules and regulations that govern pawnbrokers are derived from roman jurisprudence, a fancy world of law. Pawn shops have had many misunderstandings for long. A lot of people associated it with crime.  Although the pawn industry does not have more than its fair shares of bad apples, it’s by no means a criminal’s paradise. It has actually had a long reputable history of helping people and businesses in financial dilemmas. 

In this article you will get to see how they work and their purpose. Below are the three main purposes of pawnshops: 

  • Providing Personal Loans 

This is the best means for pawnshops to get their source revenue. They make loans to individuals who turn over custody of an item that serves as collateral for the loan. The amount to lend depends on value of item. 

  • Buying Items 

This is where customers bring in items to sell outright instead of taking a loan to avoid paying interest or simply because they no longer have use for the items. The pawnbroker will look over the item to determine its condition and then refer to valuation books and conduct research to estimate the resale value. 

  • Selling Items 

In this case, the pawnbroker sells purchased and collateral items just like a normal retailer. The item is displayed on shelves and window displays. Although pawnshops differ in how items are sold. Each items price is negotiable. The pawnbroker knows the retail value and how much the purchase or loan prices and uses this to form the lowest acceptable price. 


Pawnshops are good business models in getting instant loan EZ pawn shop . Unlike traditional banks you need legal processes and procedures for you to acquire a loan.