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People have one expectation when they first visit a personal massage therapist. It?s going to be heaven during the session and afterwards. While 80% of massage clients achieve what they expected, the rest end up in frustration. Not that anything bad was done during their massage, but because their bodies couldn?t handle it. That is not meant to scare you from massages; they remain to be the number one tool for healthy lives. The reason for me to say that is that such experiences are normal. Explanations are hereof.

A disaster is when a doctor can?t locate what exactly is affecting the patient who appears ill. Such a situation could apply if your therapist didn?t understand when you complain of pain after a massage session. Fortunately, its post massage care is part of the basic training to all therapists. If yours is qualified, you have nothing to worry about. Therapists have the advice to help their client deal with the pain when it is predicted to occur.

Not everybody will complain of pain after massages. That leaves everyone with questions. ?Am I one of the few who experiences pain?? Well, you are about to know. First timers are the most vulnerable to painful experiences. They have never been through massages before, and their bodies might resist that. It?s how human bodies behave, and that?s normal. With time, however, say three to four sessions, your body will get used to it. No more pain will be experienced. There is nothing to worry about.

The second lot of victims are those who did quit massaging only to get back to it. Your bodies get used to some other conditions different from It seems you will have to start it all over again. That fresh start may as well come with post-massage pain. But at least you know now it will be gone soon.

It is not obvious that everyone else other than the mentioned groups will not experience pain. Some few individuals do have some bad moments after Researchers got into what they do best and came up with some sensible explanation. Massage is a refreshing program that wipes out all the uncleanliness inside your system. Viruses and bacteria which might have been in action are destroyed. While that sounds nice, your immune system sees it as a tremendous task to eliminate all the dead material considered as waste. That overload will scare off your defense system causing some adverse experiences.

After understanding what is causing the unfortunate experience, you need to act now. Here are some recommendations;

  • Don?t eat heavy meals
  • Get enough sleep
  • Exercise after a massage, light exercising only
  • Hydrate, take enough water
  • Warm bath

The best treatment, however, remains to go for massage therapies often, and your body will get used to it.

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